Our mission

To let our clients, partners and contributors experience our work ethic and share with them the results.

Where is the Quality?

  • Quality in a good service rendered

  • Quality is in a good product sold

  • Quality is in a good relationship

  • Quality is in a great success

  • Quality is a in a business partnership

Our profile

Experience 94%
Reliability 100%
R&D 85%
Capability 85%

Guaranteed Quality

Everybody talks about a quality service. Not everybody can keep that promise.

We just do it.

The very reason of our entrepreneurship is defined by the value that we give to quality of our work. Not only you can find such quality within our products but also the same quality manifests itself in everything that we do. Every step of the way, be it during the industrial or commercial process, during production or public relations, Quality is what ties it all together.

Yes, even public relations need quality. A smile, a solid handshake, or just being there for you and your needs, this is also quality for us

We guarantee all this with our solemn pledge, well aware of the risk that we are taking, but sure that all we work with will always appreciate such effort: employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

This is why, for us, quality is guaranteed

Who we are

We are a family who has started this adventure many years ago, starting from scratch, with not many Lira available (Euro was still a long time in coming, taxes were “humane”…), then, in time we have broadened our product lines with new ideas and solutions in many fields.

After a strong and steady growth, we have been hit by a series of unfortunate events, the owner illness, a stampede of fleeing employees and a great many debtors unwilling to pay, with a few not so honorable banks thrown in the mix.

What is the point of all this? The point is that our determination to power through every obstacle that keeps us in business, is the same that we put into each project, INCLUDING YOURS!

What we do?

Perhaps a better question would be what we don’t do…Yes we build Hydraulic cylinders, or you can call them Oleo-dynamic cylinders or pistons, jacking points… but we don’t want to be constrained by definitions, we love to experiment, search for new and better solutions, in short, R&D. An example? What about a series of paper shredder that we have repaired and made better and stronger than the original version?


Why we do it?

Simply put, it is in our Italian DNA to get passionate about what we do, to put into our productions every ounce of creativity, determination, imagination and innovation. We want to stand out; we want to set us apart from our competitors, just lowering prices (and quality), with durability, high quality and good business relation.

Why should you contact us?

Have you ever experienced a company call center? No? You should give it a try.

I can assure you that we are different. Human interactions, empathy, ethics, honour, and the ability to understand your needs are our first order of business.

Not enough? Perhaps you are right. Technologies, especially in the communications area have seen great developments. Therefore, we continue to improve our organization and services, for you. To let you appreciate the “Toyota way” where you can reach us constantly, day and night.

What if you write us at night or on Sundays, would we answer? Yes, we would, and you will, thanks to our constant evolving, find us on specific email for answers during closing time or you can use twitter (for quick communications) or other social. After a brief reply, we will reach out to you the next business day.