Air cylinders or pneumatic cylinders are linear actuators driven by pressure difference between the cylinder chamber and atmospheric pressure. The compressed gas, which is usually air, acts as the source to supply force and generate actuation and cylinder movement. Air pressure forces the piston to move in the desired direction. If only one side of the pneumatic cylinder is pressurized, there will be an integrated system of springs that allows return to the initial position, or it is possible to pressurize the sides in succession so as to obtain a powerful and controlled movement in both directions.

Uses and applications

Pneumatic cylinders have several uses, such as lifting, pulling and pushing objects. They are widely used in the processing industry to move or retain materials, and to prepare them for subsequent processing. They can move products or materials directly and indirectly, and they are able to push, pull, lift, lower or rotate them. They are also widely used because their construction is very simple and they are extremely easy to install. Pneumatic cylinders produce a large output force with a wide scale of speed; in case of heavy use they do not overheat and in case of blockage the parts assembled internally do not suffer damage.

How to choose your pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic lift actuators tolerate extremely difficult work conditions very well, operating even in environments with high levels of dust, dirt and moisture. They are safer than other actuators because the gas contained inside them is not susceptible to heat and it is impossible for the cylinder to catch fire, or damage the object or material that is being moved or processed. Pneumatic actuators are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and configurations; this variety makes any type of project or application
possible, moreover custom design allows perfect installation, maximizing work and reducing operating costs.

For years O.M.A.S. S.N.C. has been dealing with the distribution and servicing of pneumatic lift actuators, both single and double acting. We have a wide range of pneumatic lift actuators and we are able to configure and design new ones to meet the needs of all our customers, without ignoring maintenance and repair needs, critical to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

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