Our hydraulic lift cylinders are built, constructed and designed to work and function properly in all conditions, including the most difficult situations. Our hydraulic cylinders for lifting equipment are especially built with the help of our customers, that drive us to seek new, more efficient and innovative
solutions, with special attention to safety. Thanks to our trusted clients, our catalog over the years has been increasingly extended, and provides almost any kind of solution for every application.

Hydraulic lift cylinders

Lift cylinders can be extended and retracted even in extreme conditions, and they are perfect to push or pull in the presence of extreme loads. They are widely used in fields like manufacturing, transport, agriculture and industry. Possible applications are endless, including mobile bridges, that nothing more than hinged structures allowing the passage of commercial vehicles beneath them, or lifting platforms used for the transport of people, pallets, trucks or railway cars. In this type of applications hydraulic lift cylinders with excellent characteristics are used; they have high resistance to acids and salt water, hence they are very resistant to corrosion and long durability is guaranteed.

Telescopic hydraulic lift cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders can also be used for lifting applications, especially when a load needs to be lifted considerably and there is little space available. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are made of multiple elements in which the piston rod retracts, reducing its dimension considerably. This system allows telescopic hydraulic cylinders to extend beyond their initial size by at least two times. They are mainly used in the transport and industrial sector, such as lifting of crates for transport with tippers, or in moving trucks or vehicles that treat and manage waste.

For over four decades, OMAS S.N.C. knows that applications for this type of lift cylinders are innumerable, but the result is always guaranteed, carefully checked, tested and assembled for each customer, regardless of the sector and the type of application implemented.

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