Located in Turin, O.M.A.S S.n.c. is a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders with many years of experience in the construction of hydraulic cylinders, and of the hydraulic components necessary for their proper functioning. We can build, design, implement and provide any type of tailor-made devices such as hydraulic pumps, valves, quick connectors, adapters and fittings, single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders and telescopic cylinders with a wide choice of bore and any kind of complexity.

Single acting cylinders

Single acting cylinders extend in one direction, and they need force to be applied in the opposite direction in order to return to their original position. This can be obtained through integrated mechanisms, for example a system of springs, or gravity – in that case, the load itself acts as counterforce and brings the piston back into place.

Double acting cylinders

In double acting cylinders, hydraulic fluid allows the piston to move in both directions, extending or retracting. Double acting cylinders are especially needed when a considerable amount of force is required in both directions, or when there is not enough gravity to allow the piston to return to its original position. Double acting cylinders are used for jobs that require a specific angle of application, in conjunction with a strong output force; for this reason they have several more uses than single acting cylinders. In cases where retraction is assisted by weight or gravity, double acting cylinders can be used to accelerate the return of the piston, and also to cushion its stop.

Double acting cylinders are generally used for all jobs that require further control during the release cycle, and when using heavy accessories. The two directions of work do not have the same characteristics – pulling, for example, is faster, but the output force is lower, whereas pushing requires greater force. It is a slower action, but it also provides higher output force.

In our large warehouses we have products ready to be used, and everything you need to obtain rapid and effective assistance, or to repair, overhaul or replace machinery in the industrial field as well as in the fields of waste management, transport, agriculture, furniture, forestry and material handling and moving.

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