Double acting pneumatic actuators are devices which perform mechanical work using compressed air to carry energy, with enormous advantages in terms of cleanliness, safety and insensitivity to sudden changes in the air pressure supplied to feed them. The temperature of the environment in which they are installed does not present any kind of problem for their proper functioning. Double acting pneumatic air cylinders are designed with two chambers in which the compressed fluid is activated in succession, so as to harness the thrust of the compressed gas, both during the active phase and during the repositioning of the piston. To obtain the return of the piston, it is necessary to reverse the flows of the two chambers, by reversing the flow and discharge of air introduced into the circuit and thus repositioning the system. Double acting pneumatic cylinders are generally used in applications and systems that present two positions of use, such as in the control of valves or mechanisms that require the utmost speed and precision. Double acting air cylinders are available in a wide range of models that allow simple installation into virtually any type of automated mechanism or project. Their implementation is affordable and their durability is ensured.

Use of double acting air cylinders

Given the specificities in their construction and operation, double acting pneumatic actuators are vastly used in industrial manufacturing plants such as those in the food, textile, lubricant and pharmaceutical fields. For example, they are used to drive throttle valves that require rapid and precise implementation in order to properly process the material that is being manipulated.

Safety of double acting pneumatic actuators

Double acting air cylinders have safety of use as one of their main advantages; even in case of breakage or loss of compressed gas or air they do not contaminate or affect the material they come into touch with; their construction features allow heavy duty use even in locations with high presence of moisture, dust and high temperatures, as well as flammable agents or materials. Their long-lasting reliability clarifies any doubt about their many possible applications.

O.M.A.S S.N.C has been working for years in the field of double acting pneumatic actuators, and thus it is aware of the importance of the relationship of trust that develops between customer and supplier, especially when talking about design and realization of new systems. We guarantee maximum safety, fast installation and maintenance, providing reliable pneumatic cylinders with cutting edge design characteristics that are constantly updated.

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