Located in Turin, O.M.A.S S.n.c. offers custom made hydraulic jacks for trucks, lorries and other heavy vehicles, and performs their maintenance with professionalism and passion. Just think of the countless possible uses of jacks on tippers, cranes, snowplows, agricultural vehicles as well as the broader category of commercial and industrial vehicles.

The manufacture and production of all of our high-pressure components, such as single- and double-acting cylinders, is performed on state-of- the-art machinery. However, some special details are still crafted by hand because no machine can ever replace the precision and the quality of an expert craftsman.

The final part of our work is always critical; several companies, purely for economic reasons, only test their sample products, whereas we prefer to personally inspect and test every product we build, ensuring high quality and an excellent final result, free from any faults or defects.

With over 40 years experience in business and repairs, we know what the needs of our customers are, what their problems are and how important it is to have a safe, efficient and reliable tool, that can handle any kind of work.

This is the main reason that drives us towards the search for new ideas, to renew ourselves, to invent and build new solutions to meet each and every need. Our employees have several years of experience in this regard and do not shy away even from the toughest and most complex jobs, completing the task entrusted to them in the shortest time and with the best quality and courtesy.

We have the experience and skills to build and repair your mobile mechanics project, we have an extensive spare parts warehouse to meet any type of need or issue.

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