Located in Turin, O.M.A.S S.n.c has been manufacturing and selling hydraulic jacks for cars professionally for over 40 years. We personally inspect each of our products; our technical team is always at work, and guarantees the quality of all products we sell. The satisfaction of our customers is what makes us proud, thanks to our excellent after-sales service.

Bottle Jacks

The capacity of hydraulic bottle jacks ranges from 2 tons to more than 100, as in the case of industrial jacks. Their use is really simple and the force required to operate them is significantly lower than for mechanical jacks. They need significant space to be placed under the load to be lifted, so they may not often be the right choice. These kinds of jack are usually the cheapest choice.

Telescopic Jacks

Double piston or telescopic hydraulic jacks have the same characteristics of single piston (or bottle) jacks, but they are generally smaller when closed. They lift higher than simpler jacks; these features make them ideal to perform quality jobs faster and safer. Their purchase price is clearly higher than similar, single piston products.

Trolley Jacks

Hydraulic trolley jacks are even smaller; their main advantage is that they can even be placed in the tightest spaces. We also have low-profile models to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The specific features of these products make them easier to use compared to all the others – the wheels installed on the body will allow easy movement and the long control lever greatly reduces the force to be applied for lifting.

Wide range of jacks for cars

OMAS SNC has always been in the car jack business, ever since the time of their invention and marketing. We are always able to meet the demands of our customers, even the most specific ones. Our products are made with particular attention to safety and they are suitable for both professionals and lovers of DIY.

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