Hydraulic jack cylinders, also known as linear hydraulic motors, are nothing more than mechanical actuators; they are used to obtain a unidirectional force along their length and they are specifically used and installed in construction equipment. They are generally part of complex systems, and their purpose is moving or controlling a system or mechanism.

A hydraulic actuator, also called hydraulic cylinder, is made of a rebored hollow cylinder with an internal piston. Hydraulic oil pressure, typically not compressible and applied to the piston, is a force capable of moving an external object. A hydraulic cylinder is able to provide linear displacement of an object, hence controlling the piston in a precise and controlled manner.

Typically, hydraulic fluid pressure is determined by a hydraulic pump. The cylinder may move back and forth, and it is hermetically closed thanks to seals specifically designed for this purpose. Hydraulic actuators are suitable for applications that require high levels of force as they are very strong; they can produce forces 25 times higher than pneumatic cylinders of the same size, and they can be used to work with pressure of 4000 PSI.

Hydraulic jack cylinders may also use control components such as pumps and valves at a considerable distance from the cylinder itself and with minimum power loss. A hydraulic actuator of this type requires several additional parts in order to function properly, such as tanks, pumps, and heat exchangers. When damaged, they can cause oil leaks that may ruin and physically damage the components they come into contact with; for this reason proper maintenance of the whole system is required.

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