Professional hydraulic jack repair for over 40 years

Martinetto idraulico impiegato per sollevare carichi molto pesantiOur company O.M.A.S S.n.c. is located in Turin, and for over 40 years we have focused with passion and professionalism on the repair and sale of hydraulic jacks, that can also be made according to your needs. Our work is carried out with passion and to the highest standard, always with an eye toward customer needs.

Owning or knowing how to use a hydraulic jack has now become a necessity for all those jobs – but not only – that require you to safely lift heavy vehicles, such as cars or vans. However, it often happens that after several years of good service your hydraulic jack no longer functions properly, effectively compromising the success of your work.

If we say ‘jacks’, people would normally think of basic jacks for cars and trucks, but after years of study and development jacks have evolved to become an essential part of increasingly complex mechanisms. In fact, they are widely used across a range of assembled devices, part of light and heavy industrial machines such as trucks, excavators, tippers and tractors.

For years we have specialized in jack maintenance, and our extensive experience in the industry allows us to identify faults with professional thoroughness and expertise, returning you a completely overhauled and functioning machine, that a few days before was believed to be irretrievably damaged.

Oil Leaks

If your jack requires continuous oil filling within a short period of time, there’s likely to be a problem. Oil leaks are usually caused by wearing of the inner seals (O-rings or quad rings). In this case, we will have to disassemble the machine and replace them.

Presence of rust or damages to the piston or cylinder

If the jack was exposed to the weather for a long time, it is not uncommon to find rust formation at the end of the plunger, on the punch screw that adjusts its height or on the levers of the pumping system.

Worst-case scenario is that the jack blocks completely, becoming permanently unusable. In this case we will have to rebuild the machine from scratch, using specific tools in our possession, and replace parts that are damaged beyond repair.

Out of Calibration Safety Valve

If you accidentally tampered with the safety valve, perhaps thinking you can top it up with oil, there’s a serious problem. This valve, also called maximum pressure, is a security mechanism that intervenes when the jack is working off-specification or out of scope. It therefore needs to be calibrated, just like in the factory. This is the specific case in which it is necessary to hire professionals.

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