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We build Cylinders. They can be hydraulic or pneumatic, also known as oleo-pneumatic, pistons and jacks, starting from a sample, a project, a catalog or we can design one for you. We are committed to do it with the passion and creativity that is our company style, walking the fine line between craft and industry.

Work with us! You will find R&D, creativity, flexibility, reliability and great value for your money.

Our profile

Know-how 94%
Reliability 100%
R&D 85%
Capability 85%

Modus operandi


Our process is based upon our experience with CSWE certified software (ho tradotto così strumenti informatici, in assenza di conoscenza tecnica); If you are wondering what that is, go to “DuckDuckGo.com” and search for “Solidworks Certified CSWE”.


We use both the latest technologies and our very own hands. We want to build the most advanced products that we can and still preserve and bequeath our handicraft.


The test phase is the final and the most crucial one.

According to law, we are required to test one part every…but we don’t care about that. We test EVERYTHING!

The Reason Why

Why us? That is actually quite easy to say: we are among the best, our effort is absolute, our products are almost ETERNAL…it isn’t bragging if it true as our creativity fears no challenge, even at the risk of sounding a bit “strange “:-)

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Our News

News, information, the latest trends and everything from the world around us. We want to have a conversation with you, not just sell. We love to be on top of things and we believe that we can help you to do the same.

Testata Doppio effetto

Ingressi olio che esplodono

Quando costruisci un qualcosa di nuovo, beh puoi considerare ogni singolo aspetto per poter proporre il miglior prodotto e/o servizio al tuo cliente / conoscente / amico, ma quando…continua…

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Gli animali potrebbero soffrire

Il trasporto degli animali vivi può essere considerato come una necessità per alcuni e per altri invece una delle tante barbarie medioevali che non hanno più senso di esistere; indipendentemente da quale linea di pensiero tu segua, perlomeno cerchiamo di…continua…

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Piccolo sì, ma dotato…

Ti sarà capitato anche a te di ricevere o comunque di fare delle richieste particolari in termini di ingombro o per caratteristiche specifiche, per questo o quel prodotto, per mera necessità, per creatività progettuale o per…continua…

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If you are interested, contact us for more info!

The best part of our job is talking with you!