Problems with the cylinder of your Palfinger cranes?

Hydraulic cylinder repair

The solution for those who can not wait too many days.


Unlike other maintainers who make you wait weeks, we found a way to speed the response time and get you the cylinder as new.

» Fast service

The cylinder will be repaired in a week. It just depends on the type of failure and the availability of the material.

» No stress repair!

You have the guarantee that the repair is long lasting, without surprises, thus reducing the long term maintenance costs.

» Save costs

Prices are very competitive in intervention over the competition. No need to spend more money for future interventions.

Hydraulic cylinder, but why fix it and do not buy a new one?

First of all the cost. If you buy a new cylinder cost of the product it is higher than a repaired. But the most important thing is the material with which it is built and covered. If you buy a new piece of the material remains “standard” as “stardard” is the life of the piece.

Repairing it, however, we can rivestirtelo with much more robust material, with more resistant seals, rebuild for example some special interior mechanics, giving you the full guarantee that the piece can not hurt again.

3 reasons why you need to choose Omas-to to repair your cylinder:


1) The product that I give you is much more robust and long-lasting.
This means that future maintenance costs, which should be charged to you, will be eliminated. Spend only the money for intervention and stop.


2) If you call me I answer and speak only with me.
In this way we can confront any questions and speak directly to various improvements on the repair of the cylinder.


3) Total 6-month repair warranty.
You have the absolute guarantee that the problem does not recur again for at least six months.

Repaired hydraulic cylinder

I give you an example of a cylinder that I had to fix.


Practically when I received this cylinder, the outside seemed intact and undamaged, so I thought it would be a simple job, fast and cheap, but then when I opened it … I found the surprise, that the pipe was lined internally.

Another company has well thought of going to weld the spacer to the driver’s head and the solder came off, but the biggest problem you can see it on the seal, or black that ring is very scratched… as is the internal diameter of the tube.

Whereas this cylinder and the seal must take on a crane, even on vertical surfaces, even at 20 meters high without going for weight effect … you will understand that …
In addition to this the tube was 140 x 155, the I thickened that I brought to 140 x 160 to increase hydraulic resistance but also structural.

And finally I rebuilt the piston, by inserting a double seal and a guide phenolic resin, much better performance.

Spacer: not welded, and no longer a piece taken from a scrap dealer but a piece made of lathe and stuck with a life;

Seal: double seal to increase durability and safety;

Guide: suitable material to compensate for any lateral loads and deflections.

But how much the repair of a cylinder?


Until 2-3 years ago the cost of action could be more than 4000 €. Now the cost has reduced a lot and is really accessible to all.

It considers that, as already mentioned, you only pay this price intervention and just, without any incidental subsequent expenditure, with a guarantee of at least six months, all inclusive, including disassembly, fault analysis, administrative attention in a few days, assembly and testing.

Feedbacks to those who have made repair the cylinder by Omas-to.

What she says about Omas-to those who have already chosen us to repair the cylinder of his Palfinger cranes.
Words are important, but only the results count.

I had a problem on the crane, that is when I got up completely not keep that position and began to fall, slowly, but came down and this was dangerous, very dangerous considering the raised material, and I was seriously concerned.

I contacted support who told me I had to change a valve or the distributor, facing a cost of several thousand Euros.

I did not know what to do, and doubt I tried to ask several acquaintances if they had already gone from someone who repaired hydraulic cylinders.

After a couple of days they gave me the phone number of a company located in the province of Turin, but was not so convinced, that I thought they were the usual scoundrels who do the work surface and that only temporarily solve the problem, but that They are cheap.

I did not want a temporary or dangerous thing, but a job well done, and it cost a little ‘less of whack proposed previously.

It seems “strange”, but the OMAS after removing the cylinder has noticed that the problem was right there, and not in another part of the crane … so took steps to rebuild an inner piece, so that it could hold more, and all for a much lower cost.



When using a crane, it is sometimes necessary to make small movements, but his arm looked like it would shift, or rather without load, but with a few hundred pounds seemed to be on the block.

The service told me there was a problem on the load sensors, but it seemed very strange given that the crane had only a few years, and this work still had to make an inspection, then an evaluation, etc .. then you short the total was a blow!

When in doubt, I tried to search the internet for some local company or at least to an acceptable distance, he was able to carry out checks on that cylinder.

The first one I contacted were not very “happy” to help me, and for them it seemed only a nuisance, and instead OMAS was released, saying that at worst a short internal review to the cylinder would have cost just a few hundred euros.

From an initial inspection it seemed to be all right … then instead found that the outer piston tube was swollen, ah here!

They then proceeded to reconstruct only the strictly necessary, more sensibly and weighted the sample, and although it was not very cheap, I have done it in a short time, and I saved a lot by not replacing various electronic components!



In order to move a crane, you should place the cylinders that are to push on the floor, raising a hand truck.

One of them was struggling to return, but the truck was almost new and there were no problems, shock, or other, boh!

I felt the stock original spare parts, which they told me to change that foot truck, for a staggering figure!

Not knowing what to do, but starting to be more and more worried, I decided to contact that company who had already made me some small job, namely the OMAS.

They clearly could not know what the problem was, by phone, and they asked me to take it.

Just disassembled jumped out the flaw, namely the chrome rod was not built as it should be and it was slightly bent; This caused problems when closing the cylinder and in the long run could create security problems.

They set out, and I have it repaired fairly quickly and at a price not so low but more honest, the original parts.




The crane a little ‘and turned a little’ no, so I brought it to a mechanic to get it fixed, or at least to understand what the problem was.

He gave it to me repaired by replacing only some seals and after a few weeks the problem has come back, so I decided to contact the manufacturer’s assistance who told me that the only solution was to change a cylinder, but when in doubt both moral … a whip made from Euro, but I would not have solved the problem for a long time, just because the parts would be identical to the original … so after a couple of years …

In desperation / pissed off that I decided to contact my old provider, namely the OMAS, to see if they had another solution, and indeed it was, he proposed several different alternatives for cost and delivery time.

Since I was tired, I decided for a durable work over time, alas spending a little ‘more, but with all the doubts of the event.

After a year no problem. They spend another three years and all is that it is a pleasure, so yes, I spent a bit ‘more and I had to wait a few more days but it was really worth it.




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